ENGR2210 - Principles of Engineering - Spring 2012


Money: Each project group will have a total project budget of $250 to cover the cost of materials, supplies, fabrication, and shipping. This limitation exists as an engineering constraint. Please stay to the budget.

Time: Ordering things takes time. Building things takes more time than you expect. The machine shop will not turn around a part in a few hours. Olin College does not usually reimburse for express shipping. Plan accordingly - order parts while you prototype, think ahead a couple weeks (or more!).

Project at Other Schools

Past Olin Projects

Spring 2011
Polar Force
Bouble Trouble
Stair Climbing Robot
Fall 2010
Robo Projo
Filmore the Fire Boat
3D Tower Defense
Auto Frost
Play My Guitar
Water Curtain
Trampoline Simon
The Lock Cracker
Kinetic Flower
Laser Turret
CNC Cake Decorator
LED Persistence of Vision
Spring 2010
Hawthorne Harp
Ferrofluid Audio Visualizer
You Had Me at Coilgun
Fall 2009
Computer-Aided Treehugging
Team ROV
Fontana Muzika
CNC Blue Foam Team
Team Magic Clock
The Dancing Thing
Team Sketch
Projekt WiiArm
Team Delta Robot
Cowabunga Board!
Projectile Alamclock (a.k.a The Alarm Clock from Hell)
Team Power Wheels
Spring 2009
OmniMotion: The Omnidirectional Robot
Bomber Project
Fall 2008
Team Tank
Keyboard Hands
Fall 2007
Card Cataloger
Nerf Turret
Wallrus: Graffiti Printer
Automated Spice Dispenser
Spring 2007
Team Sage
Spring 2006
RubickSlayer 10000
Fall 2005
Olin Snake Project
Ultrasonic Positioning System
Spring 2005
3-D Drawing Arm
Fall 2004
USB Prox Card Reader