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The Project: Electrical

Here is the Electrical component of Wood Pointillism which includes circuit diagrams, data sheets, and other general know hows to replicate our circuit. The circuit is composed of three SST58D3820 stepper motors connected to an arduino [UNO R3]. To drive these steppers, we used three drivers from Toshiba [part TB6560AHQO].  The circuit created was based on the data sheet for this part, as the drivers were the main component of this system. Only two pins were connected directly to the Arduino for control: CLK and CW/CCW.  

Hacking the Stepper Motors and the PC Power Supply


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Image is Self Explanatory for Hacking the PC Power Supply. The Red wire gives off 5V, the Yellow wire gives off 12V and the Black wire is ground. Note this is pretty standard for any PC Power Supply.

Stepper Motor model number is SST58D3820. You have to solder green to striped black, black to striped green, red to striped blue, and blue to striped red like seen in the picture.

Circuit Diagrams

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Above are images specific to our pointillism circuit. Please note that the Arduino MUST NOT POWER THE 5V OF THE CIRCUIT! The PC Power Supply needs to supply the 5V.

The Arduino is an Arduino Uno, powered using a USB port computer port. It's hard to see but the Pins used are D13, D12, D11, D10, D7, D6.

Data Sheets

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Below is a link for the TB6560AHQ data sheet.

Below is a link for the Stepper Motors data sheet